Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Indianapolis

Giving a room the title of "guest room" limits its potential. As guests tend to sleep over only once and awhile, hauling a mattress into a space and leaving it squanders many of its other uses. If you're hoping to preserve the room for those days you're hoping to work on crafts, or perhaps run through a work out, but also want to ensure that it is a comfortable option for friends or family to use when in town, look no further than Murphy beds Indianapolis from California Closets. Tucked stylishly into a wall and easily unfurled, these units will help you maintain the versatility you crave out of a spare room.

Wall Beds Indianapolis: Preserving Your Options

Workout Room

If you've got the spare room, but haven't been able to fully utilize it due to the cumbersome mattress that is nearly impossible to reposition, and are hoping to get a bit of a workout in during your day, Murphy beds Indianapolis can be your catalyst for trotting out those weights! Easily folded up into the wall, wall beds Indianapolis can disappear at the blink of an eye, leaving you with a wealth of space to stretch out, do yoga, or wheel out a mobile workout bench.

Comfortable Night's Sleep

We've all had to sleep on an air mattress before, and while their convenience cannot be understated, their comfort is certainly lacking, leading many to dread the potential for a sleepless night ahead. Wall beds Indianapolis eliminate the possibility for a restless night, as they are full beds free of the threat of popping. Your guests will love being able to fold down their bed while knowing that they're rest comfortably!

Murphy Beds Indianapolis: A Restful Solution

Use your space the way you'd like to with the versatility and functionality of wall beds Indianapolis from California Closets. We're ready to get started today with a free in-home design consultation