Custom Closets Indianapolis

Reworking your storage space has the potential to revolutionize the appearence and functionality of your home. With the innovative design process of California Closets, your home will have custom closets Indianapolis personalized for your needs and tastes. It is a process perfected across 30 years of getting it right.

Custom Closets Indianapolis for the Entire Family

The comprehensive custom closets service offered to our Indianapolis customers means that you could re-imagine any room in your home.

Has it been years since you have been able to fit both cars (or any car, for that matter) into the garage? Even the most hopeless garage of can be transformed into a well-organized space. Indianapolis custom closets allow you to utilize all the tight corners as well as the space lining the ceiling to get the rarely used things out of the way. Part of what makes good organization is specialized containers and California Closets specializes in exactly that.

Maybe a baby has recently been born and it is finally time to turn that attic into a usable space so that the older kid can have his or her own room. However, the architecture of the attic is often highly irregular. Indianapolis custom closets can accommodate the limitations of any space and create potential where there wasn’t any previously.

These are but two examples of ways custom closets can benefit your Indianapolis home. Any room can use better storage.

The Simplicity of Indianapolis Custom Closets

The job of the California Closets design and customer service team is to take all the headache away. With a phone call or a click of a button you can order a free consultation to take place at your home and from that moment on you will be in good hands.