California Closets Gift Certificates - the perfect gift!

New adventures are exciting and we love sharing these special moments with our friends and families!

Why California Closets?

We are the leaders in custom storage - we understand life changes and with that our needs do, too. For a new couple, it could be sharing a closet for the first time. How about a new bundle of joy and the storage for baby clothes, bottles, and diapers they require? Not only will you give them a gift that will change with them, you will give them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

  • Custom Design
  • Adjustablility
  • Lifetime Warranty

How Does it Work?

We have multiple ways we can help with your gift - simply contact our office at 800.841.1002, stop into our Design Center, or email with your information.

  • We can schedule a FREE consultation for the recipient and mail the Gift Certificate to you or them directly including an appointment confirmation email
  • If you prefer they schedule their own appointment we can provide a brochure, Gift Certificate and contact information for them to schedule it when it works best for them

More than one person contributing? No problem!
If you have more than one person contributing, we simply take all payment information and amounts from each person to create a Gift Certificate from all of you.

Have more questions?
Simply call our office at 800.841.1002 and we will be happy to help!