Our Team

Meet the California Closets Team

We enjoy who we work for - and we enjoy who we work with! Our team members make us who we are by combining their skills and enthusiasm to create an experience that can be seen from start to finish. Both our design and production teams are in-house and we have been locally owned and operated since 1986.  Customer service is important to us - we take it so seriously we hired an outside company to survey our customers after their installation is complete to rate their personal experience and we always strive for 10/10!  Besides utilizing a survey company, we also welcome our customers to submit Google reviews and Angie's List reports, which has awarded us the prestigious Angie's List Super Service award in Indianapolis in 1999, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.Our community is important to us - we pride ourselves in being active by participating in local charity drives, donating to multiple organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  Each experience has allowed us an opportunity to become a part of something greater than ourselves.  

Anthony Seitz, Design Consultant

Get organized, show your personality, and focus on relaxation knowing that you have a product to last a lifetime!  Raised in an artistic family, my creative background will add form and function carried throughout efficient designs. 

Laura Jordan, Studio Design Consultant

 I love working with people and helping them to solve their organizational hurdles.  I seek to design spaces that mimic my clients’ personality and sense of style. 

Emerald Feland, Studio Design Consultant

As a mother to a 10 year old boy, my education in interior design has been as much practical as theoretical. I have to juggle my desire for an organized, stylish home with the practical challenges of a house that is also kid-friendly. I have learned through my training in design and in my daily life how to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, unique, and "adult friendly" as well as efficient.

Erin Moore, Executive Design Consultant

A person's home is their haven, and my goal is to simplify your home and life. Every project and every home has a unique story, and has a solution just its own. Every design I work on with you is structured around your needs, personality, and home.

Jennifer Phelan, Design Consultant

Getting to know my clients and learning how I can help simplify their lives is the best part of being a Design Consultant with California Closets.  I love walking through the home, checking out the spaces and discussing the potential areas of improvement.  Being able to experience the organizational transformation from "before" then "after" is amazing!

Mia Claxton, Brand Experience Manager

My career with California Closets began with my passion for design. As a Design Consultant I was able to use my Interior Design background to design custom spaces for my clients, providing function, order and tranquility in their lives.

Susan Martin-Gibbons, Design Consultant

Our lives are so incredibly busy! Constant connection through one’s email, Facebook, texts, phone, fax, etc. can be draining and have one longing for serenity and organization. Creating a home that offers a refuge…a moment in time where one can be “quiet”, having a space that is simplistic, organized, functional, yet beautiful is what Susan creates with you. Every space should “speak” of your personality and fulfill your needs of today …yet keeping in mind what tomorrow might bring.

Michelle McElderry, Design Consultant

My definition of success is a client that is 100% happy.  My goal is to work with you to create a beautiful, functional and well organized space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Merrick McGraw, Design Consultant

There is nothing more personal than inviting a consultant into your home to help renovate and organize your most personal of spaces. I strive to make this process as smooth and carefree as possible. My passion is your satisfaction! Using my design education and experience, I hope to create for you a unique and tailored solution that not only simplifies your home, but life as well.

Caitlin Bitts, Studio Design Consultant

As a child, I believed there was a place for everything, and everything was always in its place. I think it’s safe to say organization is a passion of mine! I’ve always found organized spaces to be peaceful and inspirational.

Leah Eggert, Senior Design Consultant

My background is in administrative sales. Following my passion, I took the skills I had learned and melded them into one. Customer satisfaction and attention to detail have been the key contributors to my success.I truly believe I have the best job, working for the best company in the industry, and enthusiastically look forward to working with you.

Kathy Bertini, Design Consultant

Thank you for your interest in California Closets!  Designing for California Closets allows me to work with new people every day and help solve their unique space challenges.  I feel fortunate to be able to utilize my professional design skills to make a difference in people's lives. I truly enjoy space planning, problem solving, and organization; a perfect combination for working with my clients to design the best possible California Closets solution!

Beverly Simon, Design Consultant

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me a bit before we meet! I hope the main thing you take away is that I will be creatively doing my very best to help you reach your organizational goals and to do it within your budget. I have over 20 years of experience designing closets, home offices, pantries, children's rooms--any space in the home you can imagine. I have a passion for helping others to get their homes organized.  I love working for California Closets.

Krista Heinrich, Studio Design Consultant

A person’s home is the most personal space, where they feel comfortable and relaxed as well as showcase their style. It is my passion and privilege to create a solution for you that will simplify your home and life with a product that will last a lifetime.

LauraLee Kavanagh, Design Consultant

Being a Design Consultant with California Closets is so fulfilling! Every day I'm given the opportunity to be a part of my client's lives and help them find peace in an often chaotic environment. Whether it's organizing a master closet, a busy family’s mudroom, creating a man cave or entertainment center - we can affect so many spaces within a home. My clients know I will collaborate with them in designing the perfect solution.   

Carly Saluga, Studio Design Consultant

As a graduate of UC Business School, specializing in hospitality, I understand the importance of a good overall customer experience.  My goal is to provide an excellent experience for you as well as an efficient, beautiful system custom to your needs.

Matt Greene, Design Consultant

From the big picture to the small details. From start to finish. I believe design is an integral part of our lives. It's not just about form or function, but the careful and intentional consideration of both that leads to great design—design that seeks to simplify, connect, and inspire.

Natalie Phillips, Studio Design Consultant

As a designer, I'm committed to the idea of bettering lives through my work. It brings me joy to be able to transform what some feel is chaos into beautiful order through my job- and it's even more satisfying to know that I'm changing lives with my solutions!

Jennifer Johnston, Production Coordinator

I am an Indianapolis native and a graduate of Brebeuf-Jesuit and Purdue University. After years of providing interior and exterior design for a custom home builder, I am thrilled to be a member of the California Closets team. Initially my career with California Closets began in Design and later developed into a role in our Production Department.I loved working with customers and bringing their designs to life; however, we saw a need where I could use my design experience to help bridge the communication from design to production.

Brian O'Toole, Production Manager

Brian is an Indiana native, born and raised on the southside of Indianapolis and currently resides in Franklin Township with his wife, Amberlie; son, Gavin and daughter, Reagan.  Brian is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business and began his professional career in the painting industry working for CertaPro Painters, sister company of California Closets.  As the Production Manager of California Closets, Brian is responsible for many aspects of the business from purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and installation of the company’s storage soluti

Keven Fitzgerald, Plan Engineer

With a degree from Rutgers University and a customer service background spanning 17 years, I have a great understanding of how to work with others. I began working as a Design Consultant with California Closets and took on the role of Design Plan Engineer in 2006.

Stacy Simms, Office Manager

After beginning a career with California Closets in 2013, I have taken on a role in our production department helping Design Consultants and clients make their design dreams a reality.

Brandon LaBay, Installation Technician

My approach is to deliver an excellent product, installed in a timely and efficient manner.  I truly enjoying delivering a one of a kind experience that only California Closets can deliver.  I get to make people happy everyday!I have worked in all aspects of the cabinet industry for 15+ years, which has granted me the luxury of meeting and working with countless numbers of great people, and all of the latest products, styles, and materials.My favorite product that I install is the Stealth Lock locking system for our doors and drawers... WAY COOL!!!!

Mike Green, Installation Technician

I like to give my clients a great experience from start to finish.  I always imagine that I am the client, and treat them the way I would like to be treated.  My previous sales experience has really helped me to be able to read people when I am in their homes installing their projects.The best part about working for California Closets is the satisfaction I feel in making clients happy.  I really take pride in my work.My favorite product to install is the Ecoresins by 3 Form because they completely change the look of a room when inserted into doors.

Joe Klingler, Installation Technician

California Closets Installation Technicians are highly skilled individuals that are certified to install our custom product and to provide you with customer service second to none!

Eric Hodges, Installation Technician

California Closets Installation Technicians are highly skilled individuals that are certified to install our custom product and to provide you with customer service second to none! 

Trent Bishop, Installation Technician

California Closets Installation Technicians are highly skilled individuals that are certified to install our custom product and to provide you with customer service second to none!

Steve Powell, Installation Technician

California Closets Installation Technicians are highly skilled individuals that are certified to install our custom product and to provide you with customer service second to none! 

Mike Osborne, Installation Technician

California Closets Installation Technicians are highly skilled individuals that are certified to install our custom product and to provide you with customer service second to none! 

Matt Fletcher, Installation Technician

California Closets Installation Technicians are highly skilled individuals that are certified to install our custom product and to provide you with customer service second to none! 

Justin Farrell, Manufacturing Specialist

I live by the philosophy, "if it is not good enough to put in my own home, then it isn't good enough to go out the door and into a client's home." One of my favorite things about working for California Closets is interacting with my teammates because we treat each other like family which creates a fun and exciting environment.My favorite product that I work with is the Venetian Wenge finish because it is sleek and contemporary.

Dan Haines, Quality Control Specialist

At California Closets we strive for you to have an excellent, 10/10 experience.  Dan is our front-line person who ensures each project reflects our quality and superior brand. He reviews designs, completes a job review and thorough checklist prior to any job being loaded.  

Chad Thomas, Manufacturing Specialist

The best part of working in the Production Facility here at California Closets is knowing that the product I make will not only make the customer's house look amazing, but also take the stress and disorganization of their lives.  Although I do not work directly with our customers that often, I make sure to produce the highest quality product that can be offered to those clients.I have an extensive background in custom home building and remodeling work which gives me the knowledge and background to be prepared for any job that comes into the shop.