Just How Important Is Home Office Organization?

Give your business with the proper home office setup

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, a home office has become an essential part of many working adults' lives. No matter the kind of work you do, home office organization is a key part to making working at home a success.

How to: Best Practices for Home Office Organization

1. Determine your needs.
Before starting to plan your home office organization, you need to figure out what equipment your office requires. Computers, printers, copiers, and desks are just the beginning. Also think about table areas for potential meetings or larger projects, file and record storage, and any other specialized needs you may have.

2. Choose a location.
Perhaps you have a spare room or even an underused closet; space is only one factor to consider. For proper home office organization, environment is crucial. You need an area that is dedicated to work only and somehow separated from the rest of the space around it. A den can be a great option, but make sure that you'll be able to get work done once the kids come home.

3. Create a plan.
Now determine how everything you want to put into your home office will actually fit. Disorganization and distraction are the two biggest challenges that any home office faces, so organization from the very beginning is critical. You might want to talk with a home design expert to figure out the most efficient ways to maximize your space through your home office organization.

4. Ensure your health.
Companies are required by law to make a safe and comfortable work environment for their employees. Use your home office organization to make sure you have the same. Proper ergonomics will prevent eye strain, back injuries, and other repetitive stress injuries.

5. Personalize.
You get to create your own environment when working from home, so make the most of this privilege. Light colors create a soothing environment, another key component of home office organization. Whether you decorate with personal photos and memorabilia, artwork, or perhaps bare minimalism, you'll have a space that you enjoy working in, making you more productive.

Make Your Home Productive

At California Closets, our ideas for home office organization are as varied as the homes and people we work with. Take advantage of our expertise and get inspired our array of home office designs by visiting one of our showrooms or scheduling a design constultation today.