Wall Beds Huntsville

Huntsville is a great place to watch your family grow – but as your family grows, you start to run out of space. Here at California Closets, we have a fantastic solution for you! Huntsville wall beds offer a luxurious, comfortable rest during the night, but disappear during the day by folding up into your wall. With Huntsville wall beds, you can have all the beds you need – without hindering your home’s usable space during the day!

The Wall Beds Huntsville Residents Can Depend On

It may be hard to believe that you can really have Huntsville wall beds in your home that disappear when they’re not in use – but here at California Closets, we thrive on the smiles we get when our customers see just how Huntsville wall beds improve their homes! The floor space freed up by Huntsville wall beds can be used for anything: arts and crafts, a play room for kids, or simply enjoy the spaciousness afforded by your Huntsville wall beds!

Perfect For House Guests

Having family visit and stay over is one of the best parts of having a home, but offering a sofa or air mattress is far from ideal. With Huntsville wall beds, you can turn any bedroom into a guest bedroom! Your guests will rave about your Huntsville wall beds and the simply luxuries of home they offer. Don’t let last-minute house guests throw a rut in your plans – be prepared to offer the best with Huntsville wall beds!

An Investment In Your Family

Huntsville wall beds do more than just give your home more space; they give you more space to spend with your family. Call or come in today to schedule your FREE in-home design consultation. Soon, you’ll be living the Huntsville wall beds way.