Why Use Closet Organizers in Your Huntsville Home?

Deciding what to wear, cook, or create is more fun with a fabulous and functional closet that stores all of your items so that they are easily accessible. But how do you use closet organizers to create that ideal situation in your Huntsville home? Take 5 tips from the queen of home organization, Martha Stewart:

5 Tips for Closet Organizers

Keep Winter From Messing Up Your Summer

Wrap wool scarves and mittens in acid-free tissue paper and slip them into labeled craft boxes. The boxes are then stowed inside the shallow drawers of your California Closets closet organizer system, which keeps them out of sight (and mind!) during the summer months.

Smart Cleaning Storage

Many people store mops and brooms by standing them in a corner, but this can cause broom straw to bend and mop heads to mildew. Use a California Closets accessory to hang them with their "business ends" up. The dustpan should also be kept off the floor; hang it from the hole in its handle.

Storing Your Shades

In your closet organizer or garage pantry, you might want to have a place for leftover paint. Transfer it from the large, messy cans to small airtight resealable tubs. Affix a label to the container and note the color and the room where the paint was used.

Wall Closet Organizers

In your home office or craft room, you can use closet organizer tips like "wall" organizer systems to create vertical storage. Talk to your California Closets design consultant about our selection of classic pegboard walls that are great for office essentials, such as clipboards, shelves, and wire baskets that will keep your horizontal spaces from getting too cluttered.

Label, Label, Label

When you can see at a glance the contents of a storage box within your closet organizer, you will save a lot of time not having to dig through all of them! But don't use sticky labels: they are not only messy, but they are hard to update. Instead, make tags by attaching unlined index cards to clothespins. This way, you can mark anything easily -- from plain shoeboxes to fancier bins. When it's time to relabel, just unclip the old card and fasten on a new one.