Closet Design Huntsville

When it comes to beautiful home storage furnishings and professional design, manufacture, and installation, there is one company that rises above the rest. California Closets Huntsville has closet design of the highest level because it truly customizes its products for the needs and tastes of customers, and here is how it is done.

How Closet Design by California Closets Huntsville Works

The work begins when you schedule an appointment with California Closets. A designer will arrive at your house for a complimentary consultation. You may have the contours of the project in mind, or you may know exactly what you want already. The goal of the first meeting is to flesh out all the details and turn them into design terms. 

It is also important to assess the storage space for its wall capacity and the potential for different types of storage – hanging, shelving, and cabinets.

Once you and the designer are on the same page they go to the digital drawing board and work the California Closets Huntsville magic. The closet design is rendered in three dimensions with a special user-friendly program. You are able to take the product and virtually walk-through it making adjustments as you go. Fine-tune the details or overhaul any aspect of the project. The idea is that you deserve to be at the helm – it’s your closet design. Huntsville residents appreciate the interactive way things are done because it is an opportunity to be creative. 

Putting your Huntsville Closet Design into Operation

Once the blueprints are finalized and ready for productions orders are sent to the nearby California Closets factory. An installation team will come to your Huntsville home with the closet design and install the entire system under a day.