Wall Beds Huntington

If you are looking for a dose of convenience in your home which will allow you to enjoy extra space but also allow you to have a comfortable sleeping surface, then the Huntington wall bed may be the best home improvement option for you. Call us today to find out more information about what it will take to bring a Huntington wall bed to your home.

Convenience and Charm

We have many customers with many different needs for their home.  As such, we have created a system by which you can use our options to create an endless number of possible combinations.  This process will help you customize your Huntington wall beds to maximize what you want it to do for your home!

Get Creative!

We have some customers simply install a Huntington wall bed in their living room to create an additional sleep surface for the enjoyment and rest of their guests.  We have other customers who are set on creating more space in their home, converting an extra bedroom into a home office, library, or children's play area and simply installing a wall bed into the background.  We have other customers who seek to make a bonus room an additional sleeping surface for added flexibility in their home.  Whatever the need, we can help with Huntington wall beds!

Wall Bed Magic

Our wall beds are incredibly adept at hiding away when needed.  You get to customize the piece down to every last detail to ensure that your bed is the most beautiful wall by day, and the most comfortable bed at night.  We allow you to choose location, trim, details, colors, and more, so that the bed will match the personal style and the current aesthetics and furnishings of your home.  We also let you choose roll or fold out functions that will make it easy for you to use!

A Great Addition

Huntington wall beds can provide you the convenience of an extra bed with the spatial optimization of a bonus room all in one.  Why wait for such a great addition?