Murphy Beds Huntington Station

Murphy beds are often one of our favorite home organization projects to design and install for our customers. A murphy bed installation is one of the easiest, and most economical, ways to transform your home. Whether you are looking to make spare rooms into bedrooms, add flexibility to your home office or transform your studio into a multi-use space a murphy bed is right for you. Start with our commitment free in-home design consultation in order to get your project on the road to completion.

The Murphy Beds Professionals

We are locally owned, locally fabricated and we try as hard as we can to source the best Huntington Station murphy beds and home storage professionals for our designers.  Once you complete the sign-up you will be paired with a designer that will carry your project from first conception to final installation. 

The first consultation will include an evaluation of the room in which you want to install the murphy bed, the surrounding aesthetic of the house and the proposed use of the bed.  This initial consultation will allow our designers to create murphy bed solutions that reflect all of your needs.  We promise to deliver a murphy bed that complements your style, increases your bed capacity and is made to last. 

We welcome homeowners of all sorts to explore the possibility of a murphy bed installation in their own home.

The Murphy Bed Transformation

Add space and flexibility to your home by installing a murphy bed. The in-home design consultation will ensure that you emerge with a murphy bed that fits your current needs and accommodates your future needs.