Closet Design Huntington Station

Traditionally, renovating your home was a long and difficult process with a reward at the end. Ever since California Closets entered the industry, things changed completely. Huntington Station homeowners expect the closet design process itself to be to exciting, fun and headache free. Of course there is still a reward at the end: a customized home.

Huntington Station Deserves the Best Closet Design

The first step in the process is meeting the designer you will be working with. They come visit your house for the initial consultation, and that is where the project is born. Things to think about: How is the current closet design Huntington Station failing to meet your storage needs? How do you envision using the space in the future?

The designer will discuss with you the different scenarios and routes you can take with respect to the wall capacity, and hanging and shelving capacity. Their job is to understand your vision for the project and translate it into design language and principles.

In the next step in the process, the designer delves into the advanced California Closets design software. The will produce a three-dimensional rendering of your Huntington Station closet design plan. You will use the simulation to see how the project is shaping and make adjustments to colors, configuration and other aspects of the design.

Once the design phase is concluded, the plans will be sent to manufacturing. California Closets has local factories working with state-of-the-art processes to make your closets.

Professional Installation of Your Closet Design Huntington Station

A team of professional installers will be sent to you. They work quickly and with as little intrusion as possible. In no time at all, the closet design will be installed in your Huntington Station home.