Joy Evans, Customer Liaison - Showroom Design Consultant


Our Katy Freeway Showroom location.

I love to live an organized life. That is my goal for my clients, too.

When you are organized, you can function smoothly. There is no scrambling around and forgetting things when everything has its own place. We are all busy, and things can get crazy, but your home should be your serene escape. Organization adds ease and comfort to your daily life. Why not eliminate stress where you can and get organized?

California Closets offers great products and is a terrific company. We offer a wide range of solutions that are custom fit to each person’s needs. I enjoy encountering a space that is a mess and leave knowing that we’ve created an area that will be a joy to visit. It is a great feeling find creative solutions to seemingly complex problems.

I love the accessories that we offer, such as the valet rod, the mirror, and the tie and belt racks. They are such simple solutions and they tuck away when you don’t need them. I think it’s that attention to detail and dedication to finding innovative ideas that really make our product superior.

Life is not about the destination, it’s about the person you were during the journey. I’m here to help you enjoy the ride.