Murphy Beds Honolulu

Think about the bed; deeply ponder its purpose relative to man. Upon careful introspection, you’ll come to the realization that when not being sat upon or slept in, the bed is a rather useless object. Enter the world of Honolulu Murphy beds from California Closets. In recognition of this breakthrough in bed philosophy, Honolulu Murphy beds are easily and discreetly concealed inside your wall when not in use. No more frustration at the large amount of space occupied by your bed when it’s not in use. With Honolulu Murphy beds, your mind will be clear and your square footage maximized!

Rethink The Realm Of Possibility With Honolulu Murphy Beds

Within a few seconds of waking, you can immediately withdraw Honolulu Murphy beds into the adjoining wall, swiftly removing them from sight. Suddenly, thanks to Honolulu Murphy beds you can do almost anything with the floor space of where your bed once was – place a couch or recliner there, an aquarium, a projection TV set, a lava lamp, or simply leave it empty so your cat has more space to play! You can even place a desk there to turn your bedroom into a spacious home office during the day. Thanks to Honolulu Murphy beds, you can do more with your room than ever before!

Looking To The Past To Move Forward

While the concept behind Honolulu Murphy beds is often associated with a different era, California Closets recognized that sometimes the best ideas are the ones that have been tested by time. If it was good then, it’s good now; and with Honolulu Murphy beds, you’ll wonder why more people don’t take the Honolulu Murphy bed splunge and save loads of bedroom space.

Honolulu Murphy Beds Are Waiting

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