The Leading Closet Organizers in Honolulu

With a unique combination of experience, talent and devotion to our customers, the closet organizers and designers of California Closets Honolulu are local residents' first choice when they are seeking to tackle home storage challenges. The professional closet organizers at California Closets Honolulu have a unique perspective on the storage and design needs of those that live in and around Honolulu.

Organization and Storage Tips from Expert Closet Organizers

Our Honolulu closet organizers have some expert tips for you when you’re looking to conquer closet clutter.

1. Label everything!
When you can see at a glance the contents of a storage box within your Honolulu closet organizer, you will save a lot of time having to dig through all of them! But don't use sticky labels: not only are they messy, but they are hard to update. Instead, make tags by attaching unlined index cards to clothespins. This way, you can mark anything easily -- from plain shoeboxes to fancier bins. When it's time to relabel, just unclip the old card and fasten on a new one.

2. Match your closet system to your Honolulu lifestyle.
The best closet organizers will tell you that just like every person is different, so is every closet space -- and so are every person's closet organizer needs. Closet organizers that are not custom built for your space don’t make the best use of the limited room that you have. Generic closet organizers also might not have enough space for all your hanger items, or may be the wrong size shelves for your clothes, depending on what kind of clothes you have. Avid surfers, for example, will need one kind of closet, while the professional 9-5'er will need quite another. A personalized closet organizer system isn’t just customized to fit your space, but also to correspond to your wardrobe and the type of clothes you wear.

3. Shelves and stacking
When choosing shelves for your closet, both width and height are very important. Shelves that are too shallow will make the stacking of sweaters and other things messy and difficult. Shelves that are too deep will waste valuable space in your closet. To prevent clothes from being over-stacked and falling on you, our Honolulu closet organizers recommend that you keep the vertical distance relatively small.

Closet Organizers Can Improve Your Life

Find out what the closet organizers and designers at California Closets Honolulu can do to transform your bedroom or hallway closet from a dark dungeon into a distinctive and practical storage space that fits your unique Honolulu lifestyle. With the help of our closet organizers and custom closet solutions, you will be able to get your closet under control and enjoy and utilize every inch of its unique space for your clothing and storage needs.

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