Home Storage Solutions 303

Forget Home Storage Solutions 101. Even if you're just starting out in your very own home, you're no rookie to home storage. Most likely, you've been living in a ""home"" of some kind since the day you came home from the hospital. That's why we think you're ready for a slightly more sophisticated course in Home Storage -- there's so much you already know!

3 Home Storage Solutions for the Advanced Beginner

Lesson #1: Take a trinket time out.

With all of the little home storage solution products out on the market -- from jewelry trees to space bags to key dishes -- it's tempting to think that each new purchase will magically make you the most organized person in the world. But the truth is they are often temporary solutions to a larger problem, and in the end, too many trinkets -- even the ones with organizer intentions -- may end up just becoming clutter themselves.

How do you break free of of the trinket habit? Start from scratch. Contact a California Closets consultant to solve your home storage solution problems from the very core.

Lesson #2: Never use the word "miscellaneous."

Every item can be categorized -- really! Extra Christmas decorations? "Holiday Decor." Buttons? "Crafts" or "Clothing Accessories." Do not EVER doubt your ability to put anything and everything into a category.

Lesson #3: Seek and ye shall find.

There are so many nooks and crannies in your home that you might think is destined to be unused space. Why not make the most of your home by transforming those under-used areas into productive and enjoyable home storage space? Every place in your home can have a purpose, whether it's under the eaves, across from the kitchen, beneath the stairs, or a corner of the family room.

California Closets has created unique home offices, wine storage options, libraries, pantries, and craft home storage areas in the most unexpected places...

"We have a space under the stairs downstairs that was one of the favorite play spaces in the house when the kids were little. They're grown now, and our Design Consultant transformed that space into my new Home Office; now it's my favorite play space too!"
~Tom B. - Wetwiskin, AB

A Home Storage Solution Graduate Degree from California Closets

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