Creating A Home Office Design That Works For You

Home Office Design – A Desk Is Just The Beginning

With an upsurge of people working from home either all or part of the time, home office design has never been more relevant. A desk in the guest room doesn't cut it anymore; creating a deliberate home office design means increased productivity and comfort. So how to create the ideal space for you?

Creating A Home Office Design That Works For You

Before thinking about your home office design choices, what kind of work will you be doing? Will you need computer access or will it be a distraction? How do you want to store files and other office equipment? Will you always be working alone or will others share the space? Whether a nook or an entire room, by finding the home office design that inspires you, you'll find yourself looking for excuses to get to work… right down the hallway.

Here are some home office designs to help get you inspired. Which fits your personality best?

Austere – White, white everywhere is the trademark of this sleek, modern home office design. The walls, furniture, even file boxes and electronics all work together to create a blank canvas. Uncluttered spaces help creativity, though a splash of color as accent saves the space from becoming boring.

Traditional – Harkening back to days when a study was essential, this home office design incorporates the aesthetics from yesteryear. Leather couches and chairs are formal, yet still comfortable enough to be inviting. The desk is a large wooden affair, imposing with locked drawers. Ornate rugs in muted tones, glass-fronted bookcases, even a chandelier, complete this opulent look.

Rich – Similar to the traditional home office design, textures and patterns reign. Inspiration and productivity find a home with woods ranging from light oaks to rich mahogany for furnishings and trim. Deep jewel tones cover the walls as well as curtains, chairs, and perhaps even a small chaise lounge for more relaxed pondering. Use heavy fabrics like velvets to complete this tactile design.

Bright – Colorful and cheery, artwork and bold colors give shape to this home office design. Warm colors give energy throughout from furnishings and accessories to the artwork on the walls. Perfect for a study or home office used by the entire family, everyone will be inspired to do their best work.

More Home Office Design Ideas At California Closets

We think having a dedicated space to work in your home is an important part of life, no matter your occupation. At California Closets, we specialize in beautiful, custom-designed and built home offices. Whether you have an unused corner you'd like to transform into a productive office storage space or an entire room you can devote to your work, we'll design a solution that will accommodate your needs.