Your Home Office: Cabinets and Shelving and Multi-Tasking, Oh My!

The modern working man or woman more often than not does at least a percentage of their office work at home. Unfortunately, while at home, we also have to deal with house errands, children, pets, and home office cabinets full of non-work bills, records and mail. How can we possibly manage the necessary multi-tasking that comes with working at home?

How to Turn Your Den into the Ultimate Multi-Tasking Home Office

1.  Most importantly, you need to dedicate a space in your house to work. Whether this means moving some home office cabinets into your den or creating storage near your kitchen table, an area needs to be set aside that can be a work-safe zone.

2. Organization and separation is key. If you attempt everything at once, you’ll get nothing done. Separate bills from correspondence mail and from other home projects, preferably in separate home office cabinets. The benefit of home office cabinets is that when work is finished, the cabinets can be closed, putting the work out of sight and out of mind. This is important if you also want your home to be a relaxed, non-stressful space.

3. Make sure you have enough space to store everything in your home office space. This means organizational storage bins, built-in shelving, adequate drawer space and home office cabinets. Without sufficient amounts of space, piles of paper will begin to build up on your desk space or overload your home office cabinets.

4. Keep your home office space nice. It will be easier to concentrate on your many tasks if you are working in an aesthetically pleasing space. There is no reason your home office space should look any less pleasant than your space in the actual office. Put up pictures, plants and other decorations to ease your mind.

Multi-Tasking Office Space at Home form California Closets

At California Closets, we think having a dedicated space to work in your home is an important part of life. We specialize in beautiful, custom-designed and built home offices. Whether you have an unused corner you'd like to transform into a productive office storage space, or an entire room you can devote to your work, we'll design a solution that will accommodate your needs.