Living Room Decor - Striking The Perfect Balance

The key to the perfect living room decor is balance: straight lines and curves, open spaces with cozy corners, and color palettes that dance back and forth between warm and cold.

What about the differences between masculine and femininestyle? If you are the one making most of the home decor decisions, it's likely that your home has more of a feminine touch than a masculine one. Granted, the feminine touch is often what makes a home warm and welcoming to both its inhabitants and to visitors, but it's important to create a balance between the two."

Bring In The Masculine Touch In Small, Manageable Ways

One way to add some masculinity to your living room decor is to do the unimaginable: bring your husband or boyfriend into the decision-making process!

Yes, you heard correctly. Don't sideline him to the garage or "man cave," but utilize his natural masculine touch to balance out your living room decor with a few key pieces:

  • The couch. Now don't get too crazy with this one, or you'll end up with a rust-brown leather L-couch sticking out among your period piece lampshades and damask throws. No, just call him in for a consultation once you've narrowed down the options and have him weigh in specific differences, like the depth and texture of the couch material, or the dimensions. Ask yes or no questions like, "Do you think the back will block the window?" or, "Do you sink into it too much?"
  • The coffee table. This serves a dual purpose. It will urge him to think of the table as an extension of the couch and chairs in the living room decor and therefore worth spending money on. It will also give him psuedo-ownership over the choice, so he'll be less likely to put his feet up - and more likely to use a coaster!
  • The area rug. Like the coffee table, if he has a say in the choice, he might be more inclined to take care of it. Or, at least care a bit more when accidents happen, as they inevitably will. More importantly, area rugs in dark, masculine tones can often pull together a room and make it feel richer and deeper.
  • Artwork or accessories with sentimental value. Maybe it's a grandfather clock in the same style that he grew up with in his parents' house, or it could be a painting by an obscure artist that his father impulsively bought when walking in the city one day. These pieces are unique to your home and family, and offer great sentimental value for him, making him connect to the living room decor and truly think of it as home. They are often classic pieces as well, and can be used as a centerpiece in your living room, a central point to build on for the rest of your living room decor.

Get Started On Living Room Decor

Does the thought of getting him more involved in your living room decor choices get you excited to start the project? Contact us today to schedule your in-home complimentary consultation.