How Can I Make My Home Library Shelving Highlight My Interior Design?

How Can I Make My Home Library Shelving Highlight My Interior Design?

Whether you have impeccably groomed bookshelves or messy piles of books strewn about, home library shelving is a vital part of what makes a house into a book-lover's home. But how to take a storage necessity and make it something that adds more than just usable space to your interior design?

Inspiration From Fairy Tale Classics To Create The Home Library of Your Dreams

Shelving doesn't have to be boring, especially when you come armed with imaginative ideas. Why not use stories to inspire your home library shelving choices?

  • Beauty and the Beast. A heroine who loves to read finds a breathtaking library and decides that perhaps the Beast isn't such a monster after all. Yes, there's more, but we're pretty sure that grand library with rolling ladder and over two stories of books had something to do with it. If you have a massive book collection, why not take the plunge with floor-to-ceiling home library shelving? This is an ideal excuse for getting a ladder that wheels around so you can easily peruse your collection. Ladders can be anything from practical and utilitarian to whimsical, fanciful bits of metal and air that take you all the way up to the top shelf.
  • Three Blind Mice. In fairy tales, things often come in threes: bears, wishes, mice, pigs, tasks on a quest… Use this odd rule of thumb to make textured visual groupings of smaller shelf units. Bookshelves are the original modular furniture, so be inventive with your combinations, whether your home library shelving lines an entire room or just a section of it. Remember that the best things come in threes, so repeat the motif throughout the rest of the room for a subtle unification of your space.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Just as this princess in hiding adapted to living with people significantly smaller than her, you can incorporate home library shelving for your entire family. Designated shelving lower down for your children's library blends in perfectly with taller pieces for the home reference collection and other books that are more interesting for the grownups. Also try shelving that extends over the tops of doors and windows; it adds a cozy feel to any home.

Home Library Shelving: Your Wish is Our Command

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