Where to Put the Books? Try Creating Your Own Home Library!

Bookcases can go everywhere in a home – the kitchen, living room, family room, bedrooms, office, even the bathroom! But having a dedicated home library with designated bookcases adds to any abode. The next question is: What kind of library do you want to create?

Quiz Time: What Kind of Home Library Bookcases Fit Your Book Types?

  • The Display Library: If you collect rare books and first editions, this is the type of home library for you. Bookcases become display vehicles for your precious tomes. Of course, with many things being of the "do not touch" variety in these types of home library bookcases, having glass doors or other security and temperature control features is a great idea. Make sure to leave some empty shelf space to make your treasures truly stand out.
  • The Decorative Library: Wanting to show off books that look good? Because they don't need the special care that rare books might, your task is much easier in terms of the home library bookcases you choose. Decorative books still deserve the best care you can give them, so treat them well with complementary home library bookcases, perhaps using interesting design elements or dramatic colors. By incorporating books into your design scheme you'll be following a long-standing tradition of using books as décor, so why wait?
  • Working Home Library: This is perhaps what most of us think of when it comes to a home library: bookcases filled with the family's collection from reference to fiction to kids books and everything in between. Often resisting limitations of a single room, this kind of home library spills throughout the home with bookcases located where they'll be most useful. Unite the theme of your home library by choosing bookcases of a uniform finish or color or with a common design motif.
  • Children's Library: We know that reading is fundamental, so get your kids started early by creating their own home library. Here the bookcases can be whimsical and low-profile so children can access their favorites. As they grow, invest in bookcases that will accommodate their growing home library.

Books For Versatile, Useful Decoration

Avid book collector? Can't get enough of bound pages? Why not mix all these library types and have a home library with bookcases that are as unique as your life? At California Closets, we know that home library bookcases should match your personality and preferences, helping to make your home comfortable, balanced, and peaceful.

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