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A home library is where your interests are made visible—a renowned translation of Swann’s Way, a first-edition copy of your favorite author’s first book, large-format photography books…the list goes on. Your book collection showcases who you are through what you read, forming a physical gallery of your intellectual pursuits.

The significance of a bibliophile’s home library can’t be overstated, which is why we believe this isn’t simply a space where books are shelved. It should also be a quiet and aesthetically beautiful sanctuary in your home, where you can escape the pressures of the busy world outside and dive into a good piece of literature. 

Whether your home library doubles as a home office or focuses on showcasing your treasured collection, California Closets is well-equipped to help you create a beautiful space that is an homage to you and your love of reading. 

Designing the perfect home library goes beyond finding a quiet spot to display tomes; whether its floor-to-ceiling shelving or a carefully curated display that speaks to you, the design of your home library is as essential as its contents. Gone are the days of purely utilitarian shelving. 

Our designers take pride in integrating your design aesthetic with your home’s space to help you craft a home library that’s built for reading and aesthetic pleasure. From shelving layout to colors, the design of your custom home library will draw attention to your true avocation: your book collection.

Whether you seek a cozy-feeling space that efficiently stores your favorite books or a more dramatic book-display structure, California Closets can help make your dream home library a reality. All it takes to begin is a call to set up a complimentary in-home design consultation with one of our many skilled design consultants!


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