Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Highland Park

Ever wondered why you never won the fight about whether there would be a guest room or an office in the spare bedroom? Making a good claim is the first step. Here’s a fool proof way to get that home office or craft room AND have a guest room at the same time!

Highland Park Wall Beds Are The Solution

In a city and climate where costs of living are getting higher and there is increasingly less money and space, it is important that we take a step back and re-plan our daily lives accordingly.  When your family is growing but your income is not, you must to find ways to make it work; and California Closets is here to help.

Your Highland Park Murphy beds can offer you a multiplicity of solutions to issues of space by providing you with a multi-use room for all your needs wrapped up into one.  The first step is deciding how you want to divide the space.  The beautiful part about Highland Park wall beds is that they are almost flawlessly incorporated into the design of the existing room.  If you are looking to have an office with a nook for relaxing or for overnight guests, your Highland Park Murphy beds can be installed into the wall beside a bookshelf or desk.

Best Choice In Highland Park Murphy Beds

The design of your Highland Park wall beds is completely and totally up to you.  Starting from scratch is the perfect way to feel out the style you are looking to manufacture in your new room.  From here, you can begin to check out the variety of styles our designers and other customers have created in their homes.  You will begin to get an idea of how you want your Highland Park Murphy beds to be incorporated into your new room.