Custom Closets for Hendersonville Customers

California Closets Hendersonville is the leader in custom closets and personalized storage systems in Tennessee. For over two decades, we have been providing residents of Hendersonville the premium service that comes standard with the California Closets name. You will find that we have a dedication to quality products and competitive prices that you be able to find nowhere else.

Why Custom Closets?

Good question! There are several reasons why custom closets are so beneficial:

They fit your home. Custom closets are made to fit your items perfectly within any closet space, large or small. Whether your closet has slanted roof, walk-in space or just enough room to reach in, custom closets can be installed in an efficient, visually pleasing way. Custom closets can be installed into strangely shaped or sized nooks and crannies to make your closet as functional as possible for that space.

They fit your lifestyle. Custom closets can also be optimized to suit your unique Hendersonville lifestyle whether that lifestyle requires lots of shoe storage or separate compartments for seasonal clothes. Half-size hanger rods can be installed if you have a lot of shorter jackets to maximize storage capacity, and extra drawers or shelves can be personalized to the exact wardrobe needs.

Supreme organization. Custom closets organize what you wear so everything you need is easily accessible when you need it. High, out of the way shelves can be installed for sweaters during summer months or summer clothes during the winter. With custom closets, you will also be able to take advantage of every spare inch of your closet, maximizing your storage capacity. Now you’ll have room for all those items in your home that never seemed to have a place to go!

This concept of actively storing your belongings can be transferred to other rooms in your home as well: broom custom closets, laundry custom closets, custom closets for the guest room, home office, or craft room… the possibilities are simply endless!

What You're Looking For is Right Here!

If you are searching for a partner to help you design and create a beautiful and distinctive custom closet or other storage system personalized to your home, California Closets Hendersonville is here to offer expert service in both design and installation. Call us today for a free in-home consultation and get on the road to home organization!