Suzette Burgon, Design Consultant

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P: 808.739.7300

I was a Design Consultant in the art and framing world for twelve years before joining California Closets in 2011.

When I meet new clients, my main goal is to find common ground, develop trust, and treat them like friends.  People are relying on me to help with their homes and they tend to open up more and express concerns to a friend as opposed to someone they barely know.

I love that I have a different “office” every day! With each office there are new co-workers (clients) and different issues to address with different outcomes, each beautiful and all helping to make life easier.

My favorite product is our Italian Glass and I incorporate it into my designs whenever possible. I feel that it gives the space another level of class and sophistication.

It's true that If you look closely, you can find beauty in everything.  My job is to take the beauty that already exists in your home and bring it out into the light.