Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Hartford

If there is a lack of space in your home, we may have the solution for you. Maybe you haven’t yet considered the magic trick of a wall bed -- the comfort of a pull down bed with the convenience of folding it back up into the wall by daylight. Our Hartford wall beds are completely customized to fit any room, situation, and need. Call today and make more room!

Wall Bed Magic

With the convenience of a Hartford wall bed, you can’t go wrong!  Maybe you are looking to make a living space into a guest bedroom as well, or maybe you are looking to turn a bedroom into a more accessible space during the day.  Either way, we work with you through an easy process of simple customization to make sure it fits into your home.

Customize to Your Needs

Our Hartford wall beds are completely customized to fit flush with the needs of you and your home.  Choose between traditional fold out design or modern roll out.  You also get to choose what materials are used, where the bed goes, how you want it to hold its sleeper, and more.  To make sure that it is truly subtle, we work to match it with the wall when it folds up.

Quality First

No one should ever have to sleep in a creaky bed.  Especially your guests when they come to be entertained.  Our Hartford wall beds are sleeping surface first, wall surface second.  We focus on providing the comfort of a real bed; with high quality construction and plush mattresses, you can give a true sleeping experience to your guests. 

Call for Your Wall Bed!

If you are ready to add a touch of convenience to your home, call us to install comfortable Hartford Murphy beds, and we will get started planning them out as soon as possible!