Closet Design Hartford

What is the best way to get the highest functionality from your closet spaces? Unless you’re one of the small minority who is already completely happy with their existing closet, one of the most effective strategies is to design your own! Work with California Closets to make the Hartford closet design of your dreams become a reality. We are experts at transforming mediocre closet spaces into masterpieces.

Hartford Closet Design Gives You Full Control

No matter what kind of Hartford closet design you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.  Choose from a wide range of styles, colors and aesthetics and you’re sure to find the right match.  You take full control of your closet dreams, and we merely help guide you along the way.  With years of experience, we’re confident in our ability to help you make your vision a reality.  Allow us the pleasure of materializing your Hartford closet design.

When you start the process of working with California Closets, magic unfolds.  First, we start with a free consultation.  One of our design experts will come out to you, and then take all the necessary measurements.  Then, turning our attention to you, we hear out your ideas.  Tell us what currently frustrates you, what you like, and what you imagine, and then we’ll take it all back to our lab.  Your Hartford closet design is now halfway there!  Next, we use our 3D imagining technology to create a virtual edition of your unique Hartford closet design.  You get to take a tour of your new closet before it’s even installed.  If everything is to your liking, we get going on installation, and if you have any last minute adjustments, we make those happen.

We Make Magic Happen

Let California Closets be your guide to a brand new Hartford closet design.  You’ll be thanking yourself every time you open those closet doors.  Everything will be in its place and every place will have its purpose.