Wall Beds Harrison

Convenience and style. Those are two adjectives most commonly attached to describing a wall bed. It can be hard to describe the pleasure one gets from seeing a bed come out of the wall, but it is easy to get one installed. California Closets specializes in the unique designs that make these bedroom fixtures so useful, so get one of your very own Harrison wall beds.

Harrison Wall Beds: Convenient and Stylish

Harrison wall beds can instantly add a distinctive flourish to any guest bedroom or work space. Perfect for drop-in guests or friends from out of town, these beds can materialize from the wall and transform any room into an overnight paradise.


California Closets’ amazing designs can conceal your bed while adding other functions to your room. Shelving units paired with your Harrison wall beds will add extra storage to your room and further disguise the bed hiding behind high quality wood finishes. Appearing like magic, these Murphy beds will surprise any guest and add dynamic style to your home.

Space for Your Place

If you only have one free room in your home, give it the flexibility to serve two purposes. With a bed that folds up into the wall, you can keep your home office while still maintaining the ability to accommodate overnight guests. Don’t sacrifice a private space to build a guest bedroom when you can keep both by installing one of your own Harrison wall beds.

Bring Fashion and Function to Your Home

Make a home that can adapt to any situation. Forget drab, unusable rooms and install your very own Harrison wall bed. With a wide selection of arrangements and finishes, you can create a setup that matches your style and needs.