Wall Beds Harrisburg

Beds are probably the best thing to ever happen to sleeping. However, when it comes to storage, they don’t offer much. If only there were a way to make them disappear when you weren’t using them to free up all that valuable floor space! Introducing Harrisburg wall beds from California Closets – the solution to that exact problem.

The Space Saver You’ve Been Waiting For

More than most rooms in a home, bedrooms are often the first to become cramped. Many of the most personal possessions find their home in the bedroom, and when their number climbs it’s hard to find a space to store them in. With Harrisburg wall beds, there’s a solution. When you’re not sleeping in your bed, Harrisburg wall beds flip up into the adjoining wall – and just like that, the space your bed previously inhabited has become usable again!

You Can Do Anything With Harrisburg Wall Beds

If you work from home but find that your bedroom doesn’t have enough space to be a suitable home office, the space created by Harrisburg wall beds will leave your room feeling more open than ever before. You can comfortably fit a desk where your bed once was, or perhaps even that large monitor setup you’ve been dreaming of! With Harrisburg wall beds, there’s no limit to what you can do with the extra space you’ll find in your bedroom.

Harrisburg Wall Beds: A Gift To Your Guests

If you’re tired of offering guests your sofa to sleep on, make the switch to Harrisburg wall beds! Any room can become a Harrisburg wall beds room, and your guests will feel right at home.

Get Vertical

See how Harrisburg wall beds’ disappearing act is right for your home. Call today!