Wall Beds Hampton

It’s funny how hard it is to change people’s perceptions of things. Take wall beds for example. Most people hear the phrase “wall beds” and think of clunky, profoundly uncomfortable, rusty old things from the days when 15 people lived in a single New York apartment. We’ve come along way since then but this perception of wall beds lingers on. Hampton wall beds from California Closets take the concept of the wall bed to the highest possible level. Hampton wall beds are visually elegant, more than surprisingly comfortable, effortlessly easy to use, and ergonomically impossible to argue with. Open your mind. Divest yourself of your prejudices and welcome Hampton wall beds into your heart. We know you won’t regret it.

Unfold The Future

Hampton Wall Beds: Defy The Laws Of Tradition!

Whether you’re looking for a luxuriously comfortable place to put your in-laws (besides your own bed!) when they visit during the holidays, or just looking for a way to get the most out of the floorspace you have - Hampton wall beds are the answer. Once you really think about it - standard beds aren’t really the most forward-thinking idea in history. These beds require no sacrifice in the way of comfort and allow for all manner of potential floorspace uses during the daytime.

Out With The Old

Once you’ve liberated yourself from the oppression of the standard bed and welcomed one of our progressive-minded Hampton wall beds into your home - a world of opportunities reveals itself to you. Have you been meaning to take up yoga in the mornings but didn’t quite have enough floorspace? Problem solved. Have you been looking for a space to rehearse music or dance? Look no further.

We’ll Come To You!

If you have any questions about Hampton wall beds and would like to learn more - we invite you to schedule a totally FREE (zero obligation) consultation with one of our Design Specialists today!