Hamilton Closet Systems

When thinking about home improvement options, not many people put closet restructuring and remodeling high on their list. We at California Closets do not understand the logic that places one of the most important (if to the most important) piece of your home in a position of neglect. Let our Hamilton closet systems show you that the closet is an anchor which not only provides a beautiful addition in itself, but also ensures that the rest of the home stays clean and orderly to boot.

Create a Flow

How can we make your closet work in such an ideal way that it will allow the rest of your home to shine in clarity and relaxation?  Well, we'll let you answer that through our award-winning customer specification process, where we ask a series of questions that lead you to basically design the closet yourself around the pieces that you need to store.  This way, you can create a certain flow to your home, returning the cyclical beauty that once existed there.

Style Concerns

We understand many of our clients are primarily concerned with style.  That is why we've created a closet customization system which allows you to layout your clothing in many ways of vision, allowing for you to think about season, style, color, article type, or more to anchor your outfit for the day.  In addition to that, your new closet system in itself will be a beautiful addition to your home's overall style and aesthetic.  We allow you to choose different build materials, styles, trim, color, design, and more.

Actual Improvement

The first and foremost reason to build a new home improvement project is to actually improve your home.  Other upgrades that make traditional effects on the superficial level won't do that.  What about marble countertops or floors that stay dingy and only require additional maintenance and buffing?  What about expensive leather furniture that makes you worried to sit peacefully in your living room without worrying about stains or tears?  Ditch all that and go for the home upgrade that makes a difference and reduces stress leaving your home restful.

Whatever You Want

Consider the options: we give you what you want in a Hamilton closet system.  How can you go wrong with getting exactly what you want?