Hamilton Closet Organizers

Closet clutter happens, even to the best of us. Whether you live in a moderately sized apartment in downtown Hamilton or a 5-bedroom house on the outskirts, you will no doubt run into the issue of closet chaos.

3 Tips from Expert Closet Organizers

As you seek to conquer closet clutter, remember these tips from our professional closet organizers:

1. Use ALL the space you have

Closet organizers often find that the biggest barrier to closet organization is a lack of space. Take advantage of every nook and cranny by going for higher shelving to utilize vertical space and half-height hanger rods for shorter jackets and dresses to minimize wasted space.

2. Shelf width & height

When choosing shelves for your closet, both width and height are very important. Shelves that are two shallow will make the stacking of sweaters and other things messy and difficult. Shelves that are too deep will waste valuable space in your closet. To prevent clothes from being over-stacked, California Closets' closet organizers recommend keeping the vertical distance relatively small.

3. Rotate your wardrobe

Even the best closet organizers run into this problem - there are just too many clothes in the closet! Our expert closet organizers know how hard it is to throw away that one special dress, or pair of comfortable corduroys, but if you haven’t worn it in years, you probably won’t wear it again. Put colored tags on each item; as you wear each throughout the year, remove the tag. By the end of the year, you might be surprised by the number of items you didn’t wear. Pack 'em up and bring them to Goodwill!