Closet Design Grosse Pointe

If you’re looking to redesign your closet, look no further. The experienced designers at Grosse Pointe know closet design, and know how to satisfy all customer requests. Here at California Closets, our customers play the biggest role in designing their closets. They call the shots, get their needs met, and end up with a practical closet that reflects their individual personality and style.

Our Closet Design Relationship

Your Role

When designing your closet, your needs will have the biggest effect on the final product. Depending on your personal style, wardrobe, dress habits and lifestyle, your closet design should match these needs. Let us know what your main concerns are. Share with us your organization habits and what you want out of your new closet. This is your opportunity to leverage the experience and skills of our Grosse Pointe closet design experts to suit your needs.

Our Role

According to your needs, our role is to suggest solutions that will satisfy what you consider most important. Basically, we want you to be happy. We offer years of experience and can suggest what might work and what won't. We will ask you questions and help you consider the possibilities. In the end, your closet design will produce a practical, efficient and beautiful closet that you most certainly can call your own.

Let’s Work Together

At California Closets, we pride ourselves in the way we cater to our customers. We find that by really listening to what they have to say, the outcome will surely reflect what they were looking for. With so many customizable options to choose from, we can work together to design your dream closet. Call us today and let us know your needs!