Our Team

At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization and doing the job right on time, safely, and to the customer’s full satisfaction. Strong communication often - between our design consultants, production and installation staff, and our clients - means we keep our promise to deliver the premium service in your home that our products promise in the showroom.

At the heart of California Closets is a philosophy of customization and personalization, and the most exciting part of our work is meeting such a wide variety of people and challenging ourselves to come up with one-of-a-kind design solutions. We strive for perfection and make every effort to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the work we’ve done. Customer first, quality first, best value: these are the principles we hold above all others each day.

Every one of our employees at California Closets Greenville is passionate about the work they do. Our team is dedicated to finding ways to serve you better and turn your vision for your home into a reality. We have met and worked with so many terrific people over the years and are proud to call a great many of them friends. We can think of no higher compliment.

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Graziella and Joseph Marengi, Owners

We are a family-run and family-oriented business. We stand behind everything we do. Joe and I are the proud owners of California Closets Raleigh. It is a brand and a business we know well; Joe worked with California Closets Boston for five years before we moved to Raleigh and bought the business.We did so because we believe the brand, our products, and our employees stand for the same things you want in a home storage solution: quality, innovation, and style. We can tailor any room and customize to our clients' specifications.

Valerie Kinney, Senior Design Consultant

Designing for California Closets has provided me with an opportunity to combine my experience of interior decorating with my love of organization. It is a wonderful feeling to help others in their quest to get organized, feel settled, and reduce stress -all at the same time. Building relationships with my clients helps me create the perfect space that speaks to them on a visual, personal, and functional level.

Amber Adcock, Senior Design Consultant

I love knowing that everyday I go to work to help people create spaces they will love living with. A storage solution really is a personal piece of furniture, whether its a walk-in closet in a master bedroom or a full pantry off the kitchen. Each project says a lot about the client and his or her style. I like to get to know clients to better understand their lifestyles and personalities.

Jen Wells, Senior Design Consultant

It is exhilarating to simplify people's lives.  Working at California Closets enables me to have wonderful experiences like this every day.  My goal is to provide you with the perfect solution for your home, no more and no less.