Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Greensboro

A small apartment or a large guest room--both face similar quandaries, as committing a large mattress to the space can siphon many of the possibilities right out of it. If you're hoping to maintain the versatility of a room, while also leaving the door open to house yourself or guests for a restful night's sleep, look no further than wall beds Greensboro from California Closets. Easily unfurled, you can maintain the organization and versatility you desire in the desired space with our Murphy beds Greensboro while making it simple to provide a comfortable place to rest your head. Get the best of both worlds with these creative and elegant creations.

Customized Comfort With Wall Beds Greensboro

The Apartment Solution

If you're living in a bachelor or a single apartment, space is certainly at a premium. A bed is absolutely essential, but the space that they take up often means sacrificing another element of your home or lifestyle. That's not the case with Murphy beds Greensboro. Folding neatly up into a closet system outfitted with your choice of accessories, you'll have a fantastic bed when you want one, and an organized, usable room when you're up and about.

The Closet System

Lining the sides of wall beds Greensboro are perfectly sized and functional closet systems, designed to make organizing your home a snap. With a customized array of shelves, drawers, and more, you'll find your living spaces easier to navigate by having all of the things that make you you tucked away neatly and ready for use.

A Breeze To Setup

Unlike air beds that promise convenience but lack comfort, or spare mattresses that feature neither, Murphy beds Greensboro are simple to unfurl and put into use. With our roll-out technology, you won't be struggling for long periods trying to snap everything into place.

Murphy Beds Greensboro Deliver

See for yourself how many hats a room can wear with the help of wall beds Greensboro from California Closets. We're standing by with one of our free in-home design consultations awaiting your call!