Home Office Green Hills

We all know that sinking feeling when you look at the piles of paper on your dinning table (maybe even on your kitchen bench, coffee table, or cluttered work desk) knowing it all needs to be sorted. Grabbing a trash bag and just binning everything would be nice. But there are important documents in there that need to be completed, paid, sent, and filed. Imagine a functional workspace in your home where you can sit uninterrupted for a short time each day and get through all that overdue work. A space where you can also file everything once it is completed and you know where it is when you need it next time. Sound like a dream? Creating a functional home office in your Green Hills home is actually easier (and more affordable) than you might think.

Green Hills Home Office: Create your dream home office today!

Here are some tips from California Closets Green Hills on how to create the perfect home office or to reinvent your current home office to make it more functional.

- First you must select a space in your home that is a ‘work-safe zone’. A space that is free from the distractions of a television is ideal. If you work from home the benefits of dedicating an entire room as a home office, where you can close the door and ‘leave work’ once the day is over, are enormous. Think about how often you use your dinning room. Could that be better used for your home office and the kitchen converted into a kitchen/dinning room? But if you don’t have enough space to dedicate try moving furniture around in the den or your bedroom to create space for a desk.

- You also need to set up good office storage. Desk drawers are great for stationary, and you should set up cabinets or overhead shelves to store papers and documents. Make sure you have adequate storage for all your work – if the paper piles up again then your home office won’t be functional and you are just back to square one.

- Make your home office space aesthetically pleasing so you feel inspired and happy when you are working there. The way you feel in your home office will have a direct impact on how productive you are when you are working in there. Fresh plants, family pictures, paintings and photos are all great ways to make your home office more pleasant. If you have pets at home you might like to create a special home office bed for them so they can keep you company while you work.

- The best way to optimize your home office space is with custom home office storage solutions from California Closets Green Hills. Custom storage means you can design a home office to fit anywhere, no matter how unusual, awkward, or small the space – and it is more affordable than you might think. Visit the California Closets Green Hills store today and let one of the designers take you through the many clever home office storage solutions available and make the most of every inch of your home office!