Garage Storage Green Hills

For most of us our garage serves many more purposes then just car storage. In many Green Hills homes we park our cars in our garage right alongside the personal items that we store there because these items are either just too big to keep inside or they are occasional items (like sporting equipment, luggage or Christmas decorations) that need to be put away until they are needed. Garage storage can be more complicated than other storage areas in the home because the items that need storing are often odd shapes and oversized. They also need to be protected from cars that drive in and out (the cars need to be protected from the odd shaped items as well!). Proper and efficient garage storage solutions can completely transform your garage to create an open, functional and accessible space.

Green Hills Garage Storage: Transform Your Garage

It’s time to transform your garage. Here are some tips from California Closets Green Hills on how to get started.

- As our garage gets cluttered it’s easy to forget what we have stored inside and without realising it we store many things we no longer use. The first step is to have a good clean out. It can be hard to throw out some household items, so why not donate them to your nearest Goodwill – that way you will have peace of mind knowing someone who needs it will be using it. Create three piles, a trash pile, a donate pile and a keep pile.

- Look through your ‘keep pile’ and start to group the items into categories either by the type of item (cleaning products, sporting gear) and / or by the time of year of use (winter, summer, Christmas). Consider boxes and labels to help identify your items when you need them next.

- Now it’s time to think about storage. You want your items to be safe and secure, but also easily accessible. If they are difficult to access and you have to pull out a pile of other items to get to them you will likely go back to having unused clutter in your garage. There is no better way to make the most of every inch of your garage then with customized storage solutions. California Closets has a wide range of garage storage options to suit any budget. Stop by the Green Hills store today and let one of the friendly designers take you through the many options available to you.