Randy Fry, Design Consultant

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 “Speaking from experience, it’s a fundamental truth the best ideas are the simplest ones. And while it’s true that over the years our products and solutions have become more sophisticated and complex, the basic concepts of maximum efficiency and affordability have remained a constant part of our game plan.”


“The critical thing is collaboration; you’ve got to establish a connection with the client that allows for the proper exchange of information. The level of complexity in any design is secondary to a clear agreement on needs and goals between designer and customer.”


“I’ve been with California Closets for close to 26 years, almost from the beginning of both the company and industry itself. The journey has taken me back and forth from both coasts, with several stops in between, and is just as rewarding now as it was in 1984.”



“If I do my best to give you what it is you want, then the chances are better that you’ll give me what I want.”

Zig Zigler