Marcia Fry, Design Consultant

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“To me it’s not complicated at all, you just need to make people happy. Happy with the design, the installation and the end result. If the client feels good, then I feel good and chances are we’ll work together again.”




“I’ve been designing with California Closets for over 20 years. (has it been that long!) The evolution of the company and our products has been amazing, and it’s been wonderful to share it with both our customers and my fellow closeteers.”

Favorite Part:

“The variety of people I meet and the challenges they face in trying to organize their lives and spaces. Bringing them solutions to this often daunting task can be a very rewarding experience.”

Favorite Product:

“To be honest, my favorites seem to chance with each project. We’ve got so many options available, that I’d have to say that it’s the variety of materials, hardware and techniques that is my favorite thing about California Closets.”