Wall Beds Greater Boston

Bostonians are a pioneering people. A city that is known for its educational institutions, Boston has produced more than its fair share of innovations. When it comes to efficiently utilizing space for storage and for visiting guests, Boston residents turn to California Closets Boston, the greater Boston area’s leading designer of customized wall beds and personalized storage solutions. Boston residents appreciate our openness to new ideas and our innovative products that maximize home storage space while maintaining a high level of quality and beauty. A few tips on wall beds, an innovative way to save space for Bostonians who host guests:

Modern Wall Beds

Long gone are the days when wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) were the subject of slapstick comedy with people folding up and getting stuck in the wall. Modern wall beds contain counterbalances that eliminate the concern of beds folding unexpectedly and make folding up simple and easy. How could you use a wall bed in your home?

Wall Bed Ideas
Wall beds are great for use in rooms that are not primarily used as bedrooms. A room primarily used as a den for most of the year can be converted into a guestroom when the relatives come to visit for the holidays by simply folding out a wall bed. When they’ve packed their bags, you can fold it back into the wall and have full use of your den without an inconvenient bed in the middle of the room.

Instead of hiding wall beds behind thin doors, you can now choose decorative and functional options that turn even a folded-up wall bed into an integral piece of furniture. Folded up wall bed structures can double as bookshelves, drawers and fold-down tables.
A wall bed an effective way to maximize space in small home and apartments. Especially with attached shelves, wall beds can greatly increase the space efficiency of small dwellings.
Wall bed structures can be converted into home offices during daylight and folded back into beds comfortable sleeping spaces at night. Fold down tables and office components like shelves, drawers and lighting create great spaces for working from home in rooms that might otherwise be used only for sleeping.

Wall Bed Expertise from California Closets

California Closets is your best choice if you are looking for customization, installation, or a full bedroom remodel with wall beds. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Brighton to learn more about how California Closets can use the above organizational expertise and more to transform your garage storage system, bedroom closet organizers, home office and more.