Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Great Neck

No matter how big your home is, a little extra space would be nice. When guests come to visit, it’s important to be able to provide them with acceptable accommodations, and hopefully, better than “acceptable”. If you have a dedicated room for guests, it would probably be nice if that room could serve other functions when guests aren’t visiting. Great Neck wall beds are the solution to all your bedding quandaries. Great Neck murphy beds can transform what is really a modest media room into a comfortable bedroom. Or, they can allow a guest bedroom to double as an office. Great Neck wall beds facilitate greater, more efficient use of your home floorspace while elegantly complementing your home’s aesthetic.

Sense & Sensibility

Great Neck Murphy Beds: Be A Trendsetter

Great Neck wall beds have not yet become utterly ubiquitous as is their destiny because  the image the phrase “wall beds” brings to mind is out of date. People hear “wall bed” or “murphy bed” and think of cramped apartments with rusty, hard to open, creaking and uncomfortable contraptions that are apparently intended to serve as beds. Things have changed drastically. It’s time to update what we think of when we hear the word “murphy bed”. Great Neck murphy beds are tremendously comfortable, durable, easy to use, and come in sleek, visually-pleasing designs. It’s simply a matter of time before Great Neck wall beds are everywhere.

Make Room For Activities

When you convert an existing bed to a Great Neck murphy bed, you free up an impressive amount of floorspace. With this newfound floorspace you’ll finally have the space you need to morning exercise routines and the like. Don’t forfeit your floor during the day to something you only use during the night.

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