Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Glenview

There are few better options to make your home more useful than by making a room function in more than one way. With Glenview wall beds from California Closets, just about any room can have the added feature of becoming a bedroom when needed. We have surprisingly stylish and compact wall beds that can fit in and enhance your living room, den, office, or any other room in you house with sufficient space. Do you have a room that has the potential to also serve as a bedroom?

Glenview Murphy Beds Are Not Your Mother’s Murphy Beds

Glenview wall beds can transform nearly any room from a single use room into a head-turning, stylish and multi-use space.  It is true that most of the classic Murphy beds available in the past were bulky and unattractive. But now, that old conception of Murphy beds is now relegated into the dustbin of the past.  Our Glenview Murphy beds are a dramatically improved departure from the past – they’re designed to fold into stately, compact pieces of standout furniture, and to easily unfold into comfortable beds. Our wall beds are designed to integrate with and beautify your home office, media center, or any alternative-use purpose of your room, rather than dominate it, or make it less attractive.

Many Styles To Choose From

Glenview wall beds from California Closets come with a startling number of options, each built with high quality wood and hardware, offering you the fit and finish you’ll be proud of.  Indeed, the designs of Glenview wall beds will amaze you as you experience yourself how easily and artfully the beds fold into the cabinets, and thus present for everyone’s admiration a finely made, beautiful piece of furniture that properly fits into your room.

Glenview Wall Beds’ Product Features Are The Best Available

Although an important feature of California Closets’ Glenview wall beds is how great they look, it’s how well they work that will most surprise you.  Our wall beds are meticulously engineered to easily and smoothly open and close from within the furniture cabinet that contains the bed. Supported by artful functional design, and rock solid hardware mechanisms, your Glenview wall bed will last for a lifetime of regular use.

Call Us About Glenview Murphy Beds

Many colors, designs and configurations are available, and a Glenview Murphy beds consultant is available to help you choose the ideal wall bed for you.  Call us today!