Closet Design Glen Head

With some distance from the chaos but still with access to the big city, Glen Head is a great place to live. Local homeowners care about their community and they show it making their homes as hospitable as possible. Residents turn to closet design from Glen Head’s California Closets franchise from custom storage solutions that make their house feel and look more luxurious.

The Closet Design Process Glen Head Loves

The design process starts when you schedule an appointment and a California Closets expert comes to your home for a free consultation.

Their job at this meeting is to help you flesh out your goal. You already have the contours of the project in mind, but what exactly is bothering you about the current design? How will you use it in the future? The designer will discuss with you different scenarios that will address your needs. 

Also at this meeting, the designer will assess the storage space for its various capacities: shelving space, hanging space, and wall capacity.

Using the information gathered and the vision you have for the closet design, California Closets Glen Head will craft a digital representation of your closets in three dimensions. And here is where the process gets truly interactive. The program allows you to play around with a user-friendly interface. Change the colors or configuration, experiment with the trim and the accent. It is no surprise that Glen Head loves this step in the closet design process.

Once the Glen Head Closet Design is Finalized…

The blueprints are sent to the local California Closets factory and the closets are minted just for you. From there, the installation team picks it up. They implement the storage system in your home in less than a day and with as little intrusion as possible. If there are any issues with your closet design California Closets Glen Head will be around to help you out.