Wall Beds Glen Ellyn

An extra bedroom in your home can leave you with quite a dilemma. A home office or home gym could allow you to utilize the room on a daily basis but it can complicate things when guests come into town! California Closets Glen Ellyn has the solution for you! The Glen Ellyn wall beds team specializes in comfortable and easy to use wall beds that allow you to have the all the benefits of a guest room without having floor space compromised!

Get The Most Out Of Your Small Studio

Living in a small studio makes it difficult to have guests over.  A bed takes up an incredible amount of floor space and can leave the room feeling crowded and cluttered. With help from our Glen Ellyn wall bed team you can free up floor space by having a bed that folds up easily into the wall! There are many design options for your wall bed and our team will get to know the aesthetics and feel of you home so that you are left with a installment that fits perfectly.

A Comfortable Bed in Just Minutes!

We know there are many options when choosing a Glen Ellyn wall beds company. However, California Closets Glen Ellyn can guarantee that your wall bed is not only comfortable but also extremely safe and easy to use. In under ten minutes you can have a real bed at your finger tips! Our team installs wonderful closet doors in many different styles to cover the neatly tucked wall bed into the wall.

We Can Work With Your Budget!

Our team will work with you and your budget to build something that will become a long lasting and wonderful addition to your home. Call California Closets Glen Ellyn today for your free consultation!