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How are you and your closet getting along these days?  Do you live together in harmony or is it a steady source of aggravation and frustration?  For most Gilroy residents, the latter is probably the case as a poorly-designed storage area leaves your wardrobe and accessories in a constant tangle of chaos.  If so, it’s time to banish the clutter and make your closet the friend you need with a smart, functional storage system from California Closets Gilroy.

The Closet Challenge

Most closets are ill-equipped to handle the demands of a busy and varied lifestyle.  Designed in a generic fashion with just some shelving and a hanging rod or two, they simply don’t have the versatility needed to effectively display all of your clothes and personal effects.  A customized storage space from California Closets Gilroy is at the other end of the convenience spectrum.  Designed and constructed with your specific needs in mind, it offers the ultimate in practical, useful storage.

Sit down for a meeting with a design specialist from California Closets Gilroy and you’ll soon see the possibilities of a re-imagined closet space.  Using a variety of techniques developed over the years by California Closets, your design pro will work with you to find a unique, innovative solution that fully meets your specific storage requirements.  You’ll be delighted with how completely your chaotic closet can be transformed into a space of attractive, intelligent organization.  Don’t worry about trying to visualize your new closet.  You’ll be able to look at the proposed changes on a 3-D computer rendering before the work even begins.

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California Closets Gilroy is happy to provide a no-obligation, in-house consultation at your convenience.  It’s the first step in creating a storage solution you can really live with.



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