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Welcome to California Closets Georgetown

Georgetown closets are precisely the types of home improvements that you need in a home.  We say this from years of experiencing customer satisfaction in a way that helped us create our customization process.  We can ensure that a new closet or storage system will not only add a whole new element of beauty to your home, but will also keep things out of the way of actualizing the beauty from the rest of your home!

Kill the Clutter

Many people suffer from a home of mess and clutter, often finding themselves cleaning, organizing, and tidying too much.  These are the types of folks who would benefit most from a Georgetown closet, as they will find its not so much about having too much stuff as it is about finding a place to put it.  We can help you create a Georgetown closet precisely fitted to your needs, allowing you to cut down the amount of stuff that prevents your home from shining like it should.

A System That Works

When de-cluttering your home, you will find there's more space for your mind to breath.  We can help you consider what goes where with our specification process: papers go into a custom built file cabinet, mounds of clothes get folded neatly away in drawers or hung on our racks, accessories find home in bins along with socks and underwear.  Everything is created in a sensical fashion with your Georgetown closet!

You Design It

Not to mention, it will all be designed by you.  With an endless selection of beautiful options for you to dissect, choose between different types of wood or metal attachments.  Choose between a modern aesthetic or a more vintage approach.  Choose what color your unit will be to match your home.  You are literally in control of every visual part of your Georgetown closet!"

Get What You Want

This is your home, this is your project.  Time to get precisely what you want out of it through a Georgetown closet.




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