Closet Systems Gardnerville

Deciding what to wear is more fun with fabulous and functional Gardnerville closet systems. Here at California Closets, we know how to transform any ordinary closet space into an elegant retreat that displays your wardrobe in high fashion. Custom cabinets with storage shelves and hanging rods organize every one of your suits, shirts, or sweaters in your closet. Corner shelves maximize storage space and provide just the right amount of space for purses, extra pillows, blankets and other bulky items. It’s all in the details. Because our Gardnerville closet systems are custom built, we can create a perfect storage solution that is perfectly fit for your space and style.

You’ve Got Options with a Gardnerville Closet System

Our Gardnerville closet systems are fully customizable to your preferences and taste. Since we offer such a wide variety of products and services, our Gardnerville closet systems can accommodate virtually every budget. From organizing one child’s closet, to handcrafting custom solutions, to filling an entire household with storage shelving, there is no limit to what we can do. We can even build custom entertainment centers, TV furniture, and offices. In addition to our experience, we also offer a range of finishes, materials, and styles to suit your décor and personal taste.

As one of the leaders in the closet design industry, we take great pride in the custom design of our Gardnerville closet systems. Each closet storage unit, custom closet and shelving for the bedroom, bathroom and beyond is custom-built to address your specific needs and taste.

How It Works

One of our Gardnerville closet systems designers will visit your home for a free consultation regarding your closet design. We’ll become familiar with your closet storage needs, and design a solution that’s just right for you. We’ll then build and install your design exactly the way you specify it. So come on in or fill out the form in order to redeem your free consultation today!