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Welcome to California Closets Gardnerville

Sometimes the harder you try to make things perfect, the further away from your objective they tend to sway.  Home renovation is no walk in the park.  And sometimes the best thing you can do for your closets is ask for a little help from California Closets Gardnerville.

Creating Your Very Own Gardnerville Closets

DIY projects are a feat, especially as one begins to get confident with their abilities.  You can do great things with your own two hands.  However, as your projects increase in complexity, it is often wise to seek advice from a trusted professional.

If you lean towards custom, do-it-yourself home renovation projects, California Closets Gardnerville may be just the solution for you.  What we aim to do with your Gardnerville closets is take a step back and analyze the full picture before getting started.

Once we have analyzed your home organization spaces we can begin to get an idea for where to start.  What are the Gardnerville closets that need the most work?  From here we can help you decide on a plan of action for how to approach your Gardnerville closets.

Moving forward we will put you in charge of all the creative work involved in the process.  From beautiful wood finishes to personalized design accents, you are the creative mind behind your project.  California Closets Gardnerville is simply the tool belt you need to help you outline and carry out your dreams.

The Best Gardnerville Closets

Build up your Gardnerville closets so that you can proudly say that your home storage systems are the best they can possibly be.  Call today to find out more about California Closets and the custom creations we can help you build!




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