Closet Systems Garden City

If you have been looking for something to give your home that old spark that you seem to be missing, then maybe its time to think about a new closet. Introducing our fully customizable Garden City closet systems, which enhance both the storage ability and the aesthetic feel of your home, leaving it seeming brand new.

Have Fun with Home Upgrade!

A Garden City closet system is probably the most unique, fun, and customer-driven home upgrade project you will find nowadays.  That is because we at California Closets have created a customizing process that centers around the needs and desires of you and your home.  We'll take care of the logistics, you just dream your closet into reality in 3 easy steps!

First, you will discuss your visions and needs with one of our consultants.  They will hear you vent about the struggles of your home and ask you for possible options and solutions.  Then, we will draw up a basic blueprint of your Garden City closet system.

Next, you will do the fun part: the customization process will allow you to choose between a number of different utilities to install a closet organizer that fits your needs in a way that makes sense.  In addition, you'll get to choose between color, build material, trim, detailing, and other stylistic elements!

Third, we will ship all the parts to you from a local, high grade manufacturer at once, so you don't have to wait on floating pieces.  Our builders will come and piece together your closet almost immediately after, leaving your home fresh and alive!

Reach Us Now!

If you are ready to start the whirlwind process to revolutionize your home and its capacity, California Closets is standing by to help you get there.