What Can Garage Storage Systems Actually Do?

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Modern homes seem to have storage and organization solutions for every room. From garage storage systems to bedroom closet organizers to systems to organize your home office, efficiency is key. Don't let your garage be a glaring exception!

Garage Storage Systems: A Q&A with Our Expert Team

Q: What should I do before investing in garage storage systems?
A: Ask yourself some questions. What do you want from the space? Are you using the things you're currently storing there? Start to sort through your things and streamline. If you've not used an item in a year, do you really need to keep it? Also take the opportunity to return what you've borrowed – your neighbors hedge trimmers don't need to be taking up space in your garage. Once you know more about what you actually want to have in your garage, you can find the garage storage systems that fit your needs best.

Q: What can garage storage systems actually change in my garage?
A: For one, you'll probably have room to put your car inside! The first storage priority for your garage should be your car; even if that's not the case, garage storage systems will help you make sense of the mess that most of us hide behind that overhead door. Garage storage systems allow you to sort, organize, and then contain your garage clutter. Instead of hunting through dark corners, you'll know just where to find the things you need.

Q: We have lots of sports equipment. Are there garage storage systems specific to things like skis?
A: Of course! Many garage storage systems have customizable components so you can truly shape your garage to your needs. Hanging baskets are great for balls, ski boots, or shin guards. Bike hooks or racks are perfect causal or more competitive cyclists and make room by hanging and maximizing your space. Storage cabinets can contain everything from skis and snowboards to tennis rackets; you can also install hooks to hang these on the wall along with helmets and skateboards.

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California Closets understands that every inch of space in your home is precious. Let us help you transform your garage with storage systems, creating another valuable space in your home. From cabinets to aluminum tracks, our design consultants can help you find the best way to use your garage or other storage spaces.