Garage Storage Solutions: Your Garage Is Your Castle

Many people use their garage as a catch-space for "extra stuff" they don't want inside their house. Have you ever heard the phrase "Your home is your castle"? It's true -- and perhaps even more so when it comes to your garage. At California Closets, we believe that garage storage is a key opportunity to extend the borders of your clean, well-organized "castle" into a new realm, and take back control of a space you may have thought to abandon to clutter.


Easier said than done! But what few people realize is that a garage storage solution does not have to be "you vs. the clutter." Rather, with the help of a few essential garage storage organization tools, you can easily become the master of the domain.

Below, our 3 must-have garage storage solutions accessories:

Aluminum Track.

  • Not only does this give your garage a smooth, modern look, it provides instant, visual organization of workman's tools. Stop digging through old boxes to find your Phillips-head screwdriver! It's dangerous and completely inefficient way to find the right tool.

Hooks, big and small.

  • Use heavy duty hooks for weighty items, such as power tools and garden hoses. Our collection of small hooks are ideal for hand tools, including wrenches, pliers, and hammers.

Clear storage bins.

  • These are handy both in the house and as part of your garage storage set. They slide into aluminum tracking and allow you to see through to the contents. A must-have for fasteners and other small items that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle.


California Closets offers these 3 tools -- and much more. If you want an all-in-one solution, try a complete system, which gives you a local space to organize tools and projects.

Smaller objects are kept in drawers, while tall cabinets provide storage for items with greater height, like snowboards, full-length mirrors, and extra 2X4s -- from that treehouse you never got around to building, but will. California Closets' garage systems can also be designed with a counter top and a stool for a more comfortable way to get your work done.

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